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Genesis 43

Bible Study Notes – Genesis 43. Joseph’s continued reconciliation with his brothers, Did he recognise & acknowledge Gods presence in his circumstances? Introduction & setting

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Genesis 32

Bible Study Notes – Genesis 32. Jacob prepares to meet his brother Esau & has an encounter with The Lord. Introduction – Highlights of period

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Genesis 46/7

Bible Study Notes – Genesis 46 & 47. Joseph’s reconciliation with his father & the family settle in Egypt, The Lord will remain faithful to

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Exodus 5

Bible Study Preparation – Exodus 9. The Lord Demonstrates His Sovereign Authority & Power over Pharaoh. – “Pharaoh’s heart was hardened & he would not let

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Exodus 9

The Lord Demonstrates His Sovereign Authority & Power over Pharaoh.– “Pharaoh’s heart was hardened & he would not let the Israelites go” (9:35). • The

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Exodus 19

The Israelites Continue their Journey from Egypt to the Promised Land.    – Israel’s Encounter with the Lord at Mount Sinai  – (Obedience & Consecration).

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Genesis 40

Joseph interprets Dreams whilst in Prison, Had God forgotten Joseph or was it within his sovereign timing & control? Introduction & setting the context. Have

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Genesis 50

The Deaths of Jacob & Joseph, “God meant it for good” – His Sovereign Plan & He is in control – Gen 50:20. Looking back,

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Genesis 38

The family account of Judah & his Daughter-in-Law Tamar in Israel’s history, Contrasting Judah’s sinful character compared to the virtue of Joseph. Introduction & setting

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