Our Father, we thank you that we can have confidence in you. We remember that the disciples were scattered and despondent after the crucifixion and they returned to their hometowns and their old professions. We recall that it was when they met the risen Lord Jesus that their faith was established. We thank you that our faith is thus not founded on a philosophy of human origin, but that it is based on what you have done and events that took place on this earth. Help us thus to have a confident faith.  May we also be confident because we do not rely on our good deeds. We acknowledge that we cannot merit your love and forgiveness, but rather we are entirely dependent upon your goodness, kindness, mercy and grace. Please help us to live in a way that is consistent with your love – please forgive us for wandering away from you and for living to please ourselves and for indulging our sinful nature. We pray that as we meet together as a group of believers that we would encourage one another to remain faithful to you. Help us to live straightforward lives that bring credit to your name. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.