Our Father, we know that you know all things and that you are love.  We pray for our friend in hospital at this time, we pray that in the midst of this incredibly difficult time that she would have sufficient awareness to know your presence with her and may this bring her comfort. We pray for visitors to the hospital, and we pray that they may strengthen our friend and be of help.  We pray for others in need too, we think of our friends overseas and their son and his wife – in these dark and seemly hopeless days, may he find eternal peace and rest in the Lord Jesus. We pray for his wife too and for his parents, may they know divine help and assurance.  We pray for all who are associated with West Street, we pray for families, for older people, for people who miss family, friends and human contact. Please help us to get through these days and may these experiences help us to grow and to be strong in you, and we pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.