Our Father, we pray for our church is East Grinstead. We thank you that as we look back over the years, we see your hand of mercy in sustaining us and helping us to foster faith and spiritual growth among your people. We remember people who have not been able to get out and who cannot access on-line services, we pray that you will help and that your divine presence may be known and experienced.  We pray for each person who will attend on Sunday, we pray that through our meeting together that we may be helped in our walk with you, may we be reminded of eternal truths and may we be encouraged in our faith. We recognise that we are not at the mercy of feelings or things that do not last, but rather we thank you that we can build our lives on the rock who is the Lord Jesus Christ.  Please help us to live in a way that gives credit to your name, and please help us as we meet on Sunday and we pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.