Our Father, as we study the life and times of Israel after they entered the promised land, we become aware of the dangers of the influence of godless culture on your people. We are dismayed to see how the Israelites adopted the ways of the Canaanites and how this led to moral decay, social disorder and civil war.  We pray that we would remain faithful to your ways and your word.  May we model your love and grace as we interact with family, work colleagues and friends.  We pray also for our nation. We pray for the Royal family, the leaders of government and those entrusted with our national institutions. We pray for godly wisdom and we pray that our leaders would seek your face and follow in your ways.  We give thanks for the health provision we have in our country during this terrible pandemic, and we remember those many families who have lost loved ones. We pray that the vaccine will soon bring relief to many families who are under pressure and who long for a return to normality. Above all, we pray that in this time of need our nation would seek you and find you. We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.