Our Father, we see as we study the history of life in Israel what happens when people turn away from you and when they worship created things rather than the creator. Help us to examine ourselves, may we be those who walk in your ways, who order our lives according to the Spirit and who demonstrate this by living pure lives. As we do this, please help us to be light in our dark world, please help us not to be fearful of what other people say, but may we have confidence in truth, in your word and in you.  We pray that you would help us as a church – we are aware that it is difficult to support one another when it is not possible to meet in person. We thank  you that you are with us and that through the means of technology we can still meet together to worship, to learn and to encourage one another.  We pray for members of our families who do not know you, may our lives speak of your character and as a result may our friends and family seek you and find you.  We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.